Apr 19, 2015
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OkayFreedom VPN Free 1 Year Premium Flat Promo Code Giveaway (Unlimited Traffic Volume)

OkayFreedom VPN is a simple VPN service from German company Steganos that helps web users access blocked websites, hides online activity from eavesdroppers, and secures data being transmitted. OkayFreedom VPN also help creates VPN between users PC and OkayFreedom security gateway so that servers will hide users real IP address to prevent someone trace on the internet.

OkayFreedom VPN Free 1 Year Premium Flat Promo Code (Unlimited Traffic Volume)

OkayFreedom VPN different from the majority of VPN services, example it comes with totally free service, available exclusively for Windows, and provides 12 different countries server – US, British, Swiss, French, German, Japan, and etc.

Features of OkayFreedom VPN:

  • Access websites blocked in your country
  • Use all of your favorite websites when abroad
  • Access the web securely – even in public hotspots
  • Surf the Internet anonymously
  • Protect your privacy on the Internet

OkayFreedom VPN comes in two packages – Basic and Premium Flat. The difference between two packages is the bandwidth cap, for basic package comes with 1GB per month while no bandwidth limits for Premium Flat package.

OkayFreedom VPN Basic is free for everyone with ad-supported and provides up to 1GB per month. Premium Flat costs $29.95 per year with no bandwidth limits.

As part of promotional, now interest users can grab 1 year promo code for OkayFreedom VPN Premium Flat at no costs. To get the promo code, just simply follow the step below:

  1. Head to the promo page here
  2. Enter the valid email address, uncheck the option “I would like to receive the OkayFreedom newsletter in the future”, and click “Send” button.
  3. Once done, the promo code will sent to registered email address. If the e-mail hasn’t received within 15 minutes, please check spam, bulk or junk mail folder to locate it.
  4. Download OkayFreedom VPN: okayfreedom.exe
  5. Once downloaded, install and click on the menu “Enter Premium Code (serial number)”
  6. Enter the promo code that received and click on “Redeem” button
  7. Now you can enjoy Unlimited Traffic Volume free for 1 year

Update: OkayFreedom VPN 1 Year Premium Code (Unlimited Traffic Volume) Free Giveaway

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