Nov 29, 2012
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Kingsoft Office 2012 Standard Edition Free Download With Genuine Product Key – Alternative for Microsoft Office

The hefty and costly price tag of Microsoft Office suite scares off some potential customers. Kingsoft Office is alternative and complete replacement for pricey Microsoft Office which contains Standard Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Presentation, and Kingsoft Spreadsheets as the alternative to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, which are also perfectly meet your study and daily work requirements for office. It features the familiar user interface with Office productivity suite.

Kingsoft Office can read and write all Microsoft office files seamlessly, making it easy to freely switch between them and use as Microsoft Office replacement alternative. Kingsoft Office 2012 Standard Edition includes all function of both Free version and Professional version including PDF converter, automatic spell check, multiple tabs, table adjustment function, paragraph adjustment function, two types of interface and a great number of templates. Apart from that, it also provides high level encryption of documents which make it difficult to decoded such as copied, modified, altered and printed.

Features of Kingsoft Office 2012 Standard Edition:

  • Writer – Efficient word processor
  • Presentation – Multimedia presentations creator
  • Spreadsheets – Powerful tool for data processing and data analysis
  • Compact file size, fast operation
  • Support comparing two document windows side-by-side
  • Support adding watermark to documents
  • Support recently used document management function
  • Add the page background function
  • Support converting PowerPoint to Word
  • PDF converter
  • Automatic spell check
  • Multiple document tabs
  • Encrypt the documents
  • View and edit email attachments by Kingsoft Office
  • Built-in emailling function makes it easy to share documents
  • ET new engine to enhance the computing speed in Kingsoft Spreadsheets
  • New 2012 interface which is similar to Microsoft 2010
  • Totally compatible with Microsoft Office Suite

Kingsoft Office 2012 Standard Edition is normally priced at $49.95. For those who doesn’t want to pay, Kingsoft Office has cooperate with EaseUS to giveaway Kingsoft Office 2012 Standard Edition at no cost.

To grab a free copy of Kingsoft Office 2012 Standard Edition, users just need to fill in the application form and download the setup installer of Kingsoft Office 2012 Standard Edition.

  1. Visit the promotion page:
  2. Fill in the form by enter your name and valid email address in order to receive the license email
  3. Once done, fill in the form and click the “Submit” button as shown in below image.
  4. An email from “[email protected]” will be sent to registered email address containing the license key and download link.Note: Sometime the license key may delay to receive due to busy or peak hours.
  5. Download Kingsoft Office 2012 Standard Edition setup installer: office_suite_stardard_2012.exe
  6. Once finish download, install it and enter the registration key received to active and enjoy the free Kingsoft Office 2012 Standard Edition.

Kingsoft Office 2012 Standard Edition compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems

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