Apr 19, 2008
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Join Microsoft Usablity Research for Free Vista, Map, Office and Money Software

Have a lot of feedbacks, suggestions, criticisms, opinions, thoughts or comments about Microsoft products and services? Microsoft wants to hear from you then. Microsoft usability research focuses on how people interact with software including products under development, and the information gathered is translated directly into product design improvements. So users who join may indirectly shape the future of Microsoft software.

The usability research can be conducted in many types, for example, studies on an ongoing basis from lab research on campus, survey or site visits. Most of the research revolves around Lab Studies or Focus Groups conducted on our main campus in Redmond, WA (U.S.A.). However, there may be also on-line surveys and Field Studies for individuals who reside outside of this region or internationally.

Thus, everybody is welcoming to join the Microsoft Usability Research, from beginner computer user, novice, expert, regular user or IT professional, who also get to have early previews of upcoming Microsoft products and the opportunity to change the features of those products. However, signing up doesn’t guarantee participation though, as users have to wait from invitation email that invites them to participate in a particular research.

The best part about participating in the research is the reward part. From experience of members who have been invited to participate in surveys and researches, Microsoft normally giveaways one of their software products as token of appreciation for free, which Microsoft calls gratuity. The gratuity options include Microsoft Office Professional 2007, OneNote 2007, Streets & Trips 2007, Office Mac 2008, Windows Vista Business Edition, Vista Home Premium Edition, Expression Blend, Visio Professional 2007 and Money Plus Home and Business.

The bad news is, the free software is probably and mostly applicable to US citizens and those who are 18 years and older. However, it will let you have a chance to have a say in Microsoft products.

Enroll for Microsoft Usability Studies at https://www.microsoft.com/usability/enroll.mspx

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