Jun 27, 2013
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Firefox 22 (FF22) New Change Log With Direct Download Link

The newest version of Firefox 22 (FF22) has just been released, and is already available for free download through Firefox download page. The updated browser has added support for WebGL, Emscripten, asm.js, and WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) to makes up some ground in the browser wars with better performance.
Firefox 22 (FF22) New Change Log With Direct Download Link

WebRTC allow web developers to integrate real-time audio and video connections between browsers without the need for plugins like Adobe Flash. Firefox 22 also enhanced JavaScript performance, asm.js which in conjunction with the Emscripten compiler to produce Web apps.

In addition, it support high resolution displays on Windows with HiDiPi and built-in Firefox HTML5 audio and video player.

Change Log of Firefox 22 for Windows, Mac and Linux:

  • NEW: WebRTC is now enabled by default
  • NEW: Windows: Firefox now follows display scaling options to render text larger on high-res displays
  • NEW: Mac OS X: Download progress in Dock application icon
  • NEW: HTML5 audio/video playback rate can now be changed
  • NEW: Social services management implemented in Add-ons Manager
  • NEW: asm.js optimizations (OdinMonkey) enabled for major performance improvements
  • CHANGED: Improved WebGL rendering performance through asynchronous canvas updates
  • CHANGED: Plain text files displayed within Firefox will now word-wrap
  • CHANGED: For user security, the |Components| object is no longer accessible from web content
  • CHANGED: Pointer Lock API can now be used outside of fullscreen
  • DEVELOPER: CSS3 Flexbox implemented and enabled by default
  • DEVELOPER: New Web Notifications API implemented
  • DEVELOPER: Added clipboardData API for JavaScript access to a user’s clipboard
  • DEVELOPER: New built-in font inspector
  • HTML5: New HTML5 <data> and <time> elements
  • FIXED: Various security fixes
  • FIXED: Scrolling using some high-resolution-scroll aware touchpads feels slow (829952)

The Firefox 22 is officially released on June 25, 2013. Firefox 22 and all download links is available through firefox.com, or through its many mirrors available, or just use the following direct download links to download setup installer of Firefox 22:

Download Firefox 22 on Firefox web page from the following links:

Firefox 22 for Windows: Firefox Setup 22.0.exe

Firefox 22 for Mac OS X: Firefox 22.0.dmg

Firefox 22 for Linux (x86-x64): firefox-22.0.tar.bz2

The new version is also in Google Play where it can be installed on almost any Android device.

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