Jul 31, 2014
TnT Editor

How To Completely and Permanently Delete & Remove Instagram Account

For people who is using an Instagram, getting bored of Instagram? Or scare of scam and spam? Or just want to delete or remove the Instagram account and profile from unnecessary privacy issues. Whatever the reason, if you decide to delete the Instagram account, just follow the tutorial and guide below to completely delete or cancel Instagram account.

How To Completely and Permanently Delete & Remove Instagram Account

Instagram users who want to get rid of Instagram once and for what, and do not think that he or she will use Instagram again, Instagram provides an easy way to delete the account.

Permanently delete the Instagram account will completely remove and purge all personally identifiable information associated with the Instagram account. This includes information like name, email address, photos publish, and videos.

How To Completely and Permanently Delete Instagram Account

To delete Instagram account, head to Instagram.com and log in to the Instagram account, and then select Instagram account name in the upper-right corner, and select Edit Profile.

Scroll down the page and look for “I’d like to delete my account” link. Click the link, and then Instagram will pop up question why you want to delete your account.

Select a reason why delete Instagram account. Enter the Instagram account password, and then click the “Permanently deactivate my account” button to completely and permanently delete Instagram account.

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