May 16, 2008
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60 Free Online Virus, Trojan, Spyware and Malware Scanners (Scan or Removal)

Already grabbed and installed a copy of free BitDefender Total Security, AVG AntiVirus, ESET NOD32 Smart Security, Avira AntiVir Premium, Kaspersky Anti-Virus or other security protection program, but still skeptic of whether your computer is infected or not? With so many viruses, worms, Trojans, malware, keyloggers, rootkits, spyware and other security threats, even an established real-time anti-virus protection software can’t give too much comfort or relieve to end-users especially in view of increasing zero-day attack.

How effective of an antivirus software largely depends on how fast the developers able to response to new or emerging threats. In this matter, different security software developers have different mileages. So it may be good to be able to scan the computer, or downloaded file, programs or executables against multiple different anti-virus, anti-Trojan, anti-spyware and anti-malware engines. You are not encouraged to install more than one anti-virus program onto your computer. Thus, the best alternative is to perform online web-based virus scanning, where in many cases, the updates of virus and spyware signatures are faster too if not real-time. Here’s a big list of free online virus scanners, where some scanning and detection services even provide a mean for virus, Trojan, spyware, malware, adware, parasite and other threats removal, deletion and cleaning.

The list tries to eliminate third-party hosted scanner when the official scanner available for use. Most online virus scanning service requires an ActiveX control to install, but do not require to download any installer or setup executable to install any software program, thus minimizing conflict or interference with existing av security product. It’s also useful when you’re not allowed to install security software, or want to perform multiple engine checks with ease. However, some online virus scanner requires user to upload the file to scanning server, useful if you receive a file sent by friends via email or instant messaging, but unable to perform a full disk scan, check and test on your computer.

  1. Kaspersky Online Virus Scanner
  2. Panda ActiceScan 2.0
  3. Dr.Web Online Link Checker (scan virus infection of files on web page including those linked via scripts and frames without downloading to user’s computer)
  4. CA eTrust Virus Scanner
  5. Virus Chaser for Web
  6. BitDefender Online Scanner
  7. Trend Micro HouseCall
  8. ESET Online Scanner
  9. Symantec Security Check (Security Scan and Virus Detection)
  10. ewido (AVG) Online Spyware Scanner with Cleaning or Removal
  11. a-squared Web Malware Scanner (aka WindowsSecurity Online Trojan Scanner for Trojans, Backdoors, Worms, Dialers, Spyware/Adware, Keyloggers, Rootkits, Hacking Tools, Riskware and TrackingCookies)
  12. ArcaBit Online Scanner
  13. avast! Online Scanner (one file each time)
  14. McAfee FreeScan
  15. F-Secure Online Scanner
  16. Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner
  17. AhnLab MyV3 Online Anti-Virus Scanner
  18. Ahnlab MyV3 Real-Time Scan (MyV3 RTS) (online real-time virus monitoring service)
  19. Ahnlab MySpyZero (anti-adware and anti-spyware)
  20. Athentium Command on Demand
  21. Hauri LiveCall
  22. PC Pitstop Virus Scanner (based on Panda antivirus engine)
  23. Kaspersky Virus File Scanner (for individual file or program)
  24. Dr.Web Online Scanner (for single file or program)
  25. ClamAV Online Specimen Scanner
  26. Avert(r) Labs WebImmune (registration required with scan results sent to email)
  27. Fortinet FortiGuard Online Virus Scanner (per file basis)
  28. ThreatExpert Free Online File Scanner (single file upload)
  29. Surfright Online malware analysis (single file upload)
  30. Norman Sandbox Information Center Analysis (for individual file or executable only and sandbox virus scan)
  31. Anubis: Analyzing Unknown Binaries (single file upload and sandbox scan)
  32. JoeBox (single file upload and analysis behaviour of malware, viruses, worms, trojans, adware, spyware, and other security-related risks)
  33. Microsoft Malware Protection Center (single file upload with results via email)
  34. Sunbelt Malware Sandbox (single file upload to show what malware would do to computer)
  35. VirusTotal Free Online Virus and Malware Scan (file scanner using almost all antivirus software, namely AhnLab (V3), Aladdin (eSafe), ALWIL (Avast! Antivirus), Authentium (Command Antivirus), Avira (AntiVir), Bit9 (FileAdvisor), Cat Computer Services (Quick Heal), ClamAV (ClamAV), CA Inc. (Vet), Doctor Web, Ltd. (DrWeb), Eset Software (NOD32), ewido networks (ewido anti-malware), Fortinet (Fortinet), FRISK Software (F-Prot), F-Secure (F-Secure), Grisoft (AVG), Hacksoft (The Hacker), Ikarus Software (Ikarus), Kaspersky Lab (AVP), McAfee (VirusScan), Microsoft (Malware Protection), Norman (Norman Antivirus), Panda Software (Panda Platinum), Prevx (Prevx1), Secure Computing (Webwasher), Softwin (BitDefender), Sophos (SAV), Sunbelt Software (Antivirus), Symantec (Norton Antivirus), UNA Corp/Antidote (UNA), VirusBlokAda (VBA32) and VirusBuster (VirusBuster))
  36. Jotti’s Malware Scan (individual file or program only scanned by various anti-viruses)
  37. VirusChief (single file scan based on multiple anti-virus engines)
  38. Virus.Org Rogue File Scanning Service (single file multiple scanners)
  39. (scan uploaded file individually using multiple anti-virus engiens)
  40. Filterbit (single upload file scan with multiple security products)
  41. CA eTrust PestScan Spyware Scanner (for spyware detection only)
  42. Tenebril Online Spyware Scanner (scan spyware only)
  43. ActualResearch RegFreeze Online Spyware Scan (spyware detection)
  44. FaceTime/XBlock X-Cleaner Free Online Scanner (aka SpywareGuide anti spy software)
  45. Check Point/ZoneAlarm Online Spyware Scanner (for spyware removal only)
  46. University of Victoria Adware Check (JavaScript required and check for BargainBuddy, BDE, CometCursor, FlashTrack, Onflow, SaveNow, TopText, TPS108, VX2 and webHancer)
  47. DoxDesk Parasite Detector
  48. Bestand Gratis Online Malware Scanner (in Dutch using multiple scanners such as ESET NOD32, F-Secure, Sophos, ewido Anti-Soyware, a-squared Anti-Malwre, Prevx, Bit9 FileAdvisor and SurfRight Strider)
  49. VirusBlokAda Vba32 File Scanner (in Russian)
  50. MKS Skaner On-Line (in Polish)
  51. NetEase Virus Clinic Online Scanner (in Simplified Chinese)
  52. NetEese Virus Clinic Web Trojan Detector (in Simplified Chinese)
  53. Sanlen Security Antiunknown Online Virus Cleaning Scanner (in Simplified Chinese)
  54. Online Scan (in Simplified Chinese – with Trojan scanner, system security test, port scanning and privacy leak check)
  55. AJinChen Kill Web Scan (in Simplified Chinese)
  56. Kingsoft Qing DuBa Online Virus Clean and Removal (in Simplified Chinese to to access system vulnerabilities, security holes, viruses and Trojans)
  57. QQ Security Center Anti Trojan and Keylogger Scanner (in Simplified Chinese – detect backdoor Trojan and keyloggers)
  58. GuangHua (VirusChina) Online VirusClean (in Simplified Chinese)
  59. JiangMin Online Anti Virus (in Simplified Chinese)
  60. Rising Free Online Virus Checker (in Simplified Chinese)

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