Apr 26, 2008
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WordPress 2.5.1 Released for Download

Bloggers using WordPress 2.5 blog publishing system who face problems with the new Flash-based Media Uplaoder or having “crunching” error whenever uploading photos or images should now upgrade to WordPress 2.5.1, which fixes many bugs related to new interface in WordPress 2.5 such as call to undefined function ctype_digit(), plus critial security fix.

The features, bugs fixed and improvements in WordPress 2.5.1 are:

  • Performance improvements for the Dashboard, Write Post, and Edit Comments pages.
  • Better performance for those who have many categories.
  • Media Uploader fixes.
  • An upgrade to TinyMCE 3.0.7.
  • Widget Administration fixes.
  • Various usability improvements.
  • Layout fixes for IE.

For those who lazy to update entire WordPress files, and only want to fix any security holes available, WordPress blog tips that you can just download corrected copies of wp-includes/pluggable.php, wp-admin/includes/media.php, and wp-admin/media.php, and replace your existing copies of these files with these new copies.

Download WordPress 2.5.1.

Update: WordPress 2.6 with more complete CMS features is released.

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