Apr 13, 2014
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How To Wireless Transfer Photos & Videos from & to PC, iOS device (iPad/iPhone/iPod touch) , Android & favourite cloud service

As you can synchronize media contents between iOS devices with PC using iTunes or Android devices using USB synchronization cable, and sometimes you prefer to have those newly captured images from devices to be transferred to PC without the need of USB synchronization cable. Now with the new app the named of PhotoSync allows you to transfer photos and videos to PC over Wi-Fi network.

How To Wireless Transfer Photos & Videos from & to PC, iOS device (iPadiPhoneiPod touch) , Android & favourite cloud service

PhotoSync is essentially photos management app that allows you to transfer and organize photos captured using devices (either Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with camera) to PC through Wi-Fi network anytime anywhere (as long as there is network coverage).

Features of PhotoSync:

  • Transfer to and from PC
  • Transfer between devices
  • Transfer to and from iOS devices
  • Transfer to and from Android devices
  • Transfer to and from cloud services
  • Drag and drop to iOS devices
  • Auto-transfer in background
  • Access by web browser
  • Transfer from camera to device
  • Wireless transfer
  • Smart remembers
  • Quick Transfer
  • Integrated viewer
  • Fast and secure
  • Sports a stylish UI feature
  • Supports the transfer and import of RAW photos

With PhotoSync, you can tap on a thumbnail to select a device and then tap on the minuscule Refresh button at top to specify which device to send the file. You also can select multiple images by long-pressing a thumbnail and then selecting images by tapping on them. PhotoSync will automatically scan local network when sending a photo or video. For easy to use, you also can download PhotoSync  desktop version for receiving files or simple drag and drop to device.

PhotoSync iOS version costs $3 at iTunes App Store while the Android version offers in-app purchases. The PhotoSync  desktop version are free to download.

PhotoSync for iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photosync-wireless-transfer/id415850124?mt=8

PhotoSync for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.touchbyte.photosync

PhotoSync for Mac: http://www.photosync-app.com/tl_files/photosync/publish/mac/photosync_2_1.dmg

PhotoSync for Windows: http://www.photosync-app.com/tl_files/photosync/publish/win/photosync_setup_en_221.exe


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