Apr 21, 2008
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Windows Vista SP1 Failed to Install with WU Error Code 800704C8 or 80041315

Windows Vista SP1 installation has 3 stages of operations before the upgrade is completed. Anytime during the installation process, including at the very end where progress status showing “Stage 3 of 3, 100%”, the SP1 setup may fail and stop, with error message displaying Windows Vista SP1 Failed to Install. To make matter worse, setup will rollback and revert all installation that has been done so far, wasting considerable time that runs into hours.

In Windows Update’s history, Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (KB936330) status is listed as “Failed”. Details of the update is showing error code of 800704C8 or 80041315, or it can be any other error code that nobody else encounters before.

The error happens most probably because of conflict or interference with third party memory-resident applications that running in the background, especially security protection software such as Windows Live OneCare and McAfee VirusScan or other security applications. And don’t rule out Microsoft own products too, such as Windows Defender (use anti-virus software to replace Windows Defender), User Account Control (UAC) and Security Center.

Thus, the workaround resolution to successfully install SP1 on Windows Vista system that encounters error code 800704C8 or 80041315 or other related error is to temporarily disable all security protection programs that may be conflicting the installation process. Check the product manual for ways to disable the scanner, shield, firewall, real-time scanner and other security features that come with the product.

To ensure clean Windows Vista environment, try to disable all possibly ‘trouble makers’ by using System Configuration Utility (MSConfig) by unchecking all startup items related to security products or other unnecessary services.

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