Mar 31, 2008
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Windows Vista Built-in Quick Launch Folder Keyboard Shortcuts and Accelerators

Quick Launch folder is a bar column that located right beside Start Menu on the taskbar. Quick Launch folder, or Quick Launch bar which shows only icons, provides easy access to commonly used shortcuts or commands. Some default items or shortcuts that located in the Quick Launch Bar including Show desktop, Launch Internet Explorer, and in Windows Vista, Switch between windows.

Normally, users click on an icon to activate and run a program listed in Quick Launch Bar. In Windows Vista, Microsoft is kind enough to include built-in keyboard shortcuts or keyboard accelerators (hotkeys) for up to 10 items saved in the Quick Launch folder, greatly benefit users who prefer to use keyboard to run the item in Quick Launch Bar.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Quick Launch Bar Folder

To use keyboard shortcut to access and activate items in Quick Launch Bar, keep track of the location of the item from the left. Then press Win + <location number> keys (Win key is Windows logo key) together to run it.

For example, in Quick Launch Bar figure above, the first icon is Show desktop, so pressing “Win + 1″ will minimize all windows to show desktop, pressing “Win + 2″ keys activate second icon which is switch between windows command, “Win + 3″ will run the third item which is Snipping Tool, and pressing “Win + 4″ will open Windows Explorer and so on. The shortcut also works on extra icons that are hidden inside “Expand” arrow. But bear in mind that the number keys are limited, and it probably works until the 10th shortcut in Quick Launch bar, which can be triggered and activated with “Win + 0″ keys.

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