Apr 30, 2008
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Windows Speech Recognition Macros Technical Preview 1 Free Download

Heard of speech recognition? Heard of macros? How about speed recognition macros? The Windows Speech Recognition Macros tool (WSRMacros) extends the usefulness of the speech recognition capabilities already included in Windows Vista. Users can now create powerful macros that are triggered by spoken commands. These macros can perform a single task, or a series of tasks. Macros can be as simple as inserting your mailing address to as complex as providing a completely different speech interaction utilizing a number of built in capabilities or utilizing custom JScript/VBScript actions.

speech @ Microsoft cautions that the WSRMacros version TP1 (Technical Preview) is a pre-beta release, with not all of the features planned been included, and some features are incomplete. Only those prepare to deal with instability of a test software should install the TP1 version.

Download Windows Speech Recognition Macros first technical preview can be downloaded from Microsoft Download Center. WGA validation is required. To skip or bypass WGA check, use the direct download links to WSRMacros.msi.

After installation, WSR Macros can be invoked by going to the Start Menu -> All Programs and selecting Windows Speech Recognition Macros. After loading, WSR Macros places an icon in the taskbar notification area, close to where the time and system alerts are shown. Note that when you load WSR Macros, the Windows Speech Recognition application also loads. If you have not used Windows Speech Recognition before, you will be prompted to complete the Microphone Setup Wizard, the Speech Tutorial and a few other questions regarding the configuration of Windows Speech Recognition. For more details and usage guide to WSR Macros, download the WSR Macros Technical Preview Release Notes.doc.

Windows Speech Recognition Macros works only in Windows Vista English-language both x86 or x64 edition with working microphone (Bluetooth microphones won’t work well), speakers or headset for sound and voice output (optional).

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