Aug 4, 2010
EK Lam

Wet Circuits – The Safest Power Strip

Electricity is dangerous and it will become more hazardous if it is in contact with water. However, nowadays there is an innovative power strip that comes with a water-resistant feature. This innovation power strip is named Wet Circuits. It is safe even if it is splashed or temporary flooded by water. Besides its water-proof advantage, Wet Circuits is also equipped with other safety features to prevent electrical shock and potential fire.

Wet Circuits is a patented design. It is made by a special protective material that will not only minimize the flow of electricity when in contact with water but it is also poison free. This means the electrical equipment that has been plugged in will keep functioning well when water is accidentally spilled on the outlets or when it is drenched by rain or snow. The user will also be free of risk from injury if he/she physically touches it with wet hands. Wet Circuits will still work perfectly in flooded condition for less than 2 hours. It is ideal to be used in wet places such as bathroom, kitchen, the outdoors, etc.

Not only is it water resistant, this invention power strip also offers touch protection. The electric power won’t flow through if the plug is not 100% inserted into the outlet. This can prevent the user from being electrocuted if he unintentionally comes into contact with the parallel blades of a partly connected plug. Furthermore, Wet Circuits is also designed to protect overheating and prevent sparking upon plugging. These are some of its safety features to prevent possible accidents or disasters in the house.

Wet Circuits has a lifespan that is four times longer than normal power strips, as claimed by Shohero Technologies Ltd. It can do up to 20,000 times of plugging and unplugging. This innovative power strip is now available at US$35 exclusive of shipping costs. At this moment, Wet Circuits is only shipped from Taiwan by Shohero Technologies Ltd. Although the product may be relatively high end, can anyone actually put a price on safety?

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