Mar 25, 2008
Tip and Trick Editorial

Welcome to Tip and Trick

Update: Blog posting will now continue back at My Digital Life.

Welcome to Tip and Trick! Tip and Trick is the successor to My Digital Life, and will continue traditions of providing great news, guides, reviews, tips and tricks on computing, technology, electronic gadgets and electronic worlds.

We have to abandon leave domain after Google AdSense, the main advertising network that allows the blog to compensate multiple authors based on AdSense revenue sharing method (Yes, you can join too if you interested, just contact us for details), and supports the costs of running and maintaining the blog, has decided the My Digital Life contains contents that violate program policies. Thus, Tip and Trick will avoid such trap, but will continue to provide interesting and informative articles, and focuses on more things that truly will make life better and easier.

Although we’re leaving My Digital Life, but the site will continue to be maintained, and the forum will always open for discussion. But we do hope that regular readers will support Tip and Trick too, and wish the new blog has a great start.

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