May 22, 2008
SY Tan

Website Grader: Free Website Analytics and Traffic Measurement Tool

How attractive and effective is your blog or website? How competitive and how popular is your website compared to other websites which have similar content? Looking for a way to improve the volume and quality of traffic to your website or blog via algorithmic search result? A new website measuring tool, Website Grader, can do the measurement work and assist you to improve your website.

Website Grader is a website analytics and traffic measurement tool that can help bloggers, website designers, etc to analyze their website and measure their traffic rank. It analyzes a website based on its traffic, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social popularity and other technical factors. After the analysis is completed, Website Grader will show users an overall grade for the website. Besides that, it also shows users other numerical analyses such as Google Page Rank, Google Indexed Pages, Traffic Rank, Blog Rank, Inbound Links and Bookmarks score. Based on the technical analysis report presented, users could get some ideas and advice on how their website can be improved from a commercial viewpoint.

To initiate a search or analysis on a website, users can just go to Website Grader. On the main page, users need to type in the website URL that they want to analyze. They can enter other additional information in the “Related Keywords” field to describe the website and “Competing Websites” field to derive an analysis for the website’s competitors. Users are required to enter their email address to get a final report via the email. Once the process is completed, a full report will be generated within a few seconds when users click on the “Generate Report” button. Users will also be notified via an email on the analysis report.

Many users have raised their doubt and concern over the technical analysis from Website Grader. They are not convinced over the scoring and grading based on the analysis software from Website Grader. Some might think using the scoring and grading method tend to mislead users to think their website is good enough and no further improvement is required, etc. Undoubtedly there are some drawbacks in Website Grader, but being a FREE evaluation tool, Website Grader is doing quite a comprehensive job. The suggestions from the analysis report can give users a reminder on steps or tipd to improve their website. For instance, it would tell users if there were no keywords detected in the metadata of the website, images lacked ALT text and so on. Website enthusiasts especially those who are new to the industry don’t have to spend additional costs to pay a SEO firm to do the analysis. They could just get some advice using Website Grader to boost and improve their website.

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