Apr 1, 2008
SY Tan

Web Applications to Track Flight Delays

Flight delays are always a common problem for travelers. Most travelers have surely faced this problem before. In our previous post, we have discussed how to use the Google search engine to track and check the status of a flight. If you think using Google search engine is not efficient and sufficient enough, there are two more web applications which provide flight delay tracking that perhaps you could try.

Flight Wait is a web based applications which will track whether your flight is delayed and it provides you with a map of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) flight delays in real time. This application allows you to check and track all delays reported from all airports. The result will appear on a map where you can see various lines. The lines are coloured based on how long is the delay time. For instance, yellow line shows that you have to wait for about 16 – 59 minutes; red line means 1 – 2 hours; if you see a black line, be ready, you will be stuck for at least two hours. In this way, you can plan your time by having a cup of coffee while waiting or catching forty winks. Instead of showing all delayed flights, you can also check for specific flights only by entering the city or airport code.

Flight Wait

Another similar web application which can perform the same task is FlightStats. Travelers can use this application by entering the flight code or airport code. It is pretty helpful because it gives an overview of whether the delay affects the entire airport or city due to weather conditions.

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