Apr 27, 2008
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VCOM Fix-It Utilities 7 Express Free Licensed Serial Activation Code

VCOM Fix-It Utilities 7 Express is a system maintenance and repairing tool for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista. Fix-It Utilities 7 Express comes with important diagnostic functions and utilities to tune-up and optimises the performance of computer system, find and prevent problems before they occur. In addition, users can make use of easy scheduled maintenance to keep PC running in top shape.

VCOM Fix-It Utilities 7 Express

The software name has an “express” in it, which means it’s a trim down version of VCOM Fix-It Utilities 7 Professional. Yes, it’s true but Fix-It Utilities 7 Express itself is power enough with plenty of features for daily use, and it costs £14.95 or USD $29.99 normally.

Fix-It Utilities 7 Express features include Startup Manager and Optimiser that speed up boot up times, easy to use user interface which separates to Diagnose, Fix and Maintain, Optimize, Cleanup and Recovery sections, PCDiagnostics with over 95 tests, and one-click wizard tools to simplify operation. Users can customized Fix-It Utilities by choosing which tools to install and which is not, and what’s running in background. It also has One-Click Solutions that does selected tasks automatically.

Tools and Utilities included including DiskCleaner and DiskFixer to help regain wasted disk space and repair problems on the drive’s surface; JETDefrag, a high-performance disk defragmenter; SMARTDiskCheck, a hard disk failure early warning system; StartupCommander for managing startup items; PCDiagnostics that checks, identifies error source and reports on installed system hardware including memory, hard drives, serial and parallel ports, video and sound cards and DVD/CD drives; SystemExplorer that scans the system and provides a complete list of system statistics; SystemMonitors that monitor system resources with warning ability; ErrorTracker logs all Windows errors messages; SystemRegistry, an alternative Registry Editor; FileUndeleter that search for and rescue accidentally deleted files; Deleted Files Bin that stores deleted files regardless of Recycle Bin; ClockSync for automatic time synchronization; checkpoint system that backs up system data similar to System Restore; Rescue Disk which iss a bootable CD that fixes partition problems and UndoIt that revert and undo all changed made by Fix-It Utilizes, just in case anything goes wrong when you’re testing the tools.

Computeractive (VNU) together with Avanquest is now giving away free full licensed serial number to activate VCOM Fix-It Utilities 7 Express. To register for your free serial code, go to http://www.avanquest.co.uk/vnu/fixit or here. After keying your your email and name, submit to data to immediately get a serial code number which can be used to activate Fix-It Utilities 7 Express. The serial number will be sent to your email too.

Download Fix-It Utilities 7 Express from vnunet.com (Fix-It-Utilities7Express.exe).

Update: Fix-It Utilities 10 Essentials

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