Feb 27, 2010

Useful Mouse Shortcuts in Mozilla Firefox

Nowadays, we can practically surf the internet from everywhere using the ever popular notebook or laptop. However, with the latest introduction of smaller and more convenient netbook and webbook, some of us may find it difficult to use its tiny keyboard when surfing the internet. Well, grumble no more. Here are some common yet very useful tips on using the mouse shortcuts in Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox Mouse Shortcuts

Command Shortcut
Back Shift + Scroll Down
Forward Shift + Scroll Up
Zoom In Ctrl+Scroll Up
Zoom Out Ctrl + Scroll Down
Close Tab Middle-click on Tab
New Tab Double-Click on Tab Bar
Open in Background Tab Ctrl + Left-click
Open in Foreground Tab Ctrl + Shift + Left-click
Shift + Middle-click
Open in New Window Shift + Left-click
Copy Tab or Bookmark Ctrl + Drag
Reload (override cache) Shift + Reload button
Save Page As Alt + Left-click
Scroll line by line Alt + Scroll

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