Mar 29, 2008
SY Tan

Upload Photos to Flickr with Friendly Flickr Applications

Net users especially bloggers and webmasters must be quite familiar with Flickr, a famous and the largest photo sharing website/service and online community platform. When users register for a Flickr account, they can enjoy free monthly uploading of 100MB worth of photos. Showing and sharing favourite or creative photos is a wonderful experience. While showing off your photography technique and skills, you also give others opportunities to appreciate your creations. To upload digital images to Flickr in a more systematic way, you can consider a few uploading tools below.

Flickr Form
Of course one of the easiest ways to upload photos to Flickr is via the upload form available on the Flickr site. However, the upload form will not be so user friendly if you intend to upload huge quantity of images. The upload form only limits you to 6 photos every submission.

Flickr Uploader
Besides the Flickr upload form, users can try an official uploading application, Flickr Uploadr, by Flickr. The latest version of Flickr Uploader is Version 3.0.5 which was released on 25th January 2008. Flickr Uploader can be downloaded from the Flickr Tools page. It is a cross platform application which works well on either Windows or Mac. Users can just drag the photos from their hard disk into Uploadr and publish them straight away to their Flickr Account. Comparatively, Flickr Uploadr 3.0.5 has more features but is not so user friendly compared to Flickr Uploadr 2.0. For instance, Flickr Uploadr has problems in identifying Chinese characters even though it supports the Chinese language. It will mess up your photos labels if you use Chinese Characters to label them.

jUploadr is another useful uploading tool developed by a Flickr user. It is a cross platform and cross-site Photo uploader which can run on Windows Linux and OS X and supports both Flickr and Zooomr. The latest version of jUploadr is V1.2. This application allows users to set all properties of their photos before uploading. It also supports batch editing, so users can make short work of uploading a bunch of files.

Email Uploading
Flickr also allows users to upload their photos via email. Users can use the subject line to give their photo a title and the body to add a description. Read more from Flickr.
ACDSee 10
The latest version ACDSee 10 Photo Manager introduced a plugin, ACDSEE Uploader to Flickr Version 2, to allow users to upload digital photos to Flickr. This plugin/update allows users to select security, safety and content type, set tags for individual images or all images, Select which ACDSee metadata fields (including IPTC and EXIF) to display in Flickr fields, create new Flickr sets or direct images to existing sets, resize large images and view the space remaining for the current month.

Picasa2Flickr is a simple “plugin” that allows picasa users to upload their photos to Flickr in JAVA environment. Some changes on security in the latest Picasa release (v2.7 build 37.27) has disabled the use of Picasa2flickr plugin. Thus, if users want to add this plugin as an uploading tool to Flickr, users shall not install any version after v2.7 build 37.27 version.

Picasa is an excellent photo management software and is very user friendly. It features all the basic and useful photo editing tools. With Picasa2Flickr plugin, the uploading process on Flickr is made easier and more manageable.


FlickrSync is a image and photo synchronization software for Flickr users.

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