May 12, 2008
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Uninstall and Remove Vista Loader 2.1.3 (Activator 2008) Activation Crack

Hacker has managed to come out with a new-perfect yet easy to use for novice level of computer user crack to activate Windows Vista. The latest Windows Vista activation crack is Vista Loader 2.1.3, which emulate a BIOS with OEM public key and SLP marker to perform instant OEM style activation, and no longer has any abnormal string or text during boot loading screen.

VistaLoader V2.1.3 comes in the form of auto installer executable named Microsoft Windows Vista Activator 2008, which does not provide an easy mean to uninstall or remove the crack.

For any reason, such as you have purchased a genuine license and product key for Windows Vista, or receive a legitimate product key as a gift, in such cases, Vista Loader or any other activation crack is no longer useful. And in fact, leaving any activation crack on the system still enable may conflict or interfere with genuine Microsoft product activation algorithm and function.

To uninstall or remove Vista Loader 2.1.3, download the following command script, and run the .cmd script as administrator with elevated privileges.

Download UninstallVistaLoader.rar.

If your system depends on Vista Loader to activate successfully, you have to activate the system again after removing Vista Loader.

Uninstallation and removal script above can be used to uninstall most Vista Loader versions too, from V2.0 onward, and including various activators or Vista cracks which based on VistaLoader for activation.

User can also manually remove and delete the related components of Vista Loader on hard disk by following procedures as below.

  1. Open an elevated command prompt as administrator. Confirm and enter administrator password on UAC elevation approval request to continue.
  2. Type and execute the following commands by hitting Enter key:

    attrib c:\grldr -r -h -s

    Change the C to your boot system drive letter, if applicable. The command remove special attributes on grldr boot loader file.

  3. Type and execute the following commands by hitting Enter key:

    del d:\grldr

    Delete the Linux Grub boot loader (Grub4Dos).

  4. Type and execute the following commands by hitting Enter key:

    bootrest /nt60 c:

    where C is the drive letter of the Windows Vista installed drive. The command reset the boot loader so that it’s back handled by Windows Vista boot loader.

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