Dec 19, 2008
EK Lam

Twittering While Gmailing Via TwitterGadget

Instead of running several windows to enjoy your chatting or partying with your Twitter’s friends while reading your email in Gmail, Twitter cum Gmail users can now consolidate both programs together. While reading or drafting email with Gmail, users can still stay hyper-connected with their Twitter social networking group. This ideal arrangement can be done by adding TwitterGadget into the Gmail account.


TwitterGadget is a clean, robust, web 2.0 style client for This interesting program is AJAX based and this tool can operate without having to install any third party applications. TwitterGadget features all basic functions available in Twitter, e.g. toggle on/off thumbnails, timestamps and post sources, send tweets, etc. By adding TwitterGadget to Gmail account, users can enjoy the same functions while browsing mail. The adding process is very simple and it can be summarised as follows:-

1. Login to Gmail account;

2. Go to the “Settings” icon that is located at your right hand top;

3. Chose the “Labs” function;

4. Enable “Add Gadget by URL”;

5. Save your settings;

6. Go back to “Settings” again. You will see a new “Gadget” tab appear;

7. Click on to the “Gadget” tab;

8. Enter Twitter Gadget’s URL ( into the text box;

9. Save your settings and it is done.

With this simple configuration, users can now enjoy using Twitter while gmailing.

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