Apr 8, 2008
SY Wong

Toshiba Innovative Idea of Implementing Sleep and Charge USB ports in Satellite Laptop Series

USB 2.0 port on PC or laptop can be used for data synchronization and files transfer. Besides, it is useful for charging any portable device by simply sourcing current from the motherboard for continuous operation. However, in order to keep up the power of the devices, there is a need to maintain the laptop in power on condition, regardless if you need that to be on or not. This is not always practical as you will end up drawing more current from both devices which is not in need. Now, there is a better solution from Toshiba to be able to continue the device charging even the laptop is put into hibernate or shut down mode. Named as Sleep and Charge USB port, it is similar to conventional USB 2.0 host port but with additional capability of charging external devices even the laptop is in power off mode.

The solution may not be tough to be implemented but surprisingly Toshiba is the first one that thinks of integrating it into its new Satellite laptop series. Some of the models include U400, M300, A300 and P300 but not limited to other models in short future. Anyway, the laptop units will need to be plugged to external power supply (even in off mode) in order to get the sufficient power supply to charge external devices. This is understandable as no peripherals power can be maintained when it enter deeper sleep states.

Key takeaway here – it is not always necessary to invest huge cost and development effort to come out with great features product. Instead, with only a bit of innovative idea, a simple tweak will transform it into a great selling feature that suits consumer market requirements.

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