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Jan 21, 2013
TnT Editor

Dead Trigger Game For Android and iOS Device Free Download

Most of the human population has been wiped out by virus and those infected that don’t die have been turned into feral beasts with an insatiable desire to eat the few remain survivors, and that can only mean one thing – zombie attack!

Zombies eh! If there ever were to be an actual zombie holocaust on humanity the chances are it would raise little more than a ‘meh’ from most people, so familiar are we with the undead horde rampaging around, eating brains and causing a fuss in every form of media known to man.

But we digress. So what of Dead Trigger? Yes, it’s another game where you shoot zombies as the name quite clearly indicates. What users might not quite be prepared for is the excellent quality of the graphics. This game looks lush! It’s a first person 3D shooter with great looking environments, tons of detail and excellent lighting effects that create a really vibrant feel, and it’s free! This is little hard to believe at first because everything about it feels like a premium title. The presentation is top notch.
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