Apr 21, 2008
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System Halt 0xc0000034 Error When Boot Up After Installing Windows Vista SP1

Another error or problem that may happens during installation of Windows Vista SP1 is system cannot boot up or startup with 0xc0000034 error code. The SP1 setup manages to pass through Stage 1 and Stage 2 successfully (total of 3 stages). However, after the second reboot, PC is not starting up. Computer hangs during the boot up process on a black screen with white text showing a running counter which counts from 1/73065 onwards, and showing all kind of system files and registry entries. It halts at certain point in time with error message similar to one of below.

!! 0xc0000034 !! 64583/73065 (\Registry\machine\Schema\wcm://Microsoft…)

!! 0xc0000034 !! 292/123128 (_0000000000000000.cdf_ms)

!! 0xc0000034 !! 530/66123 $$_system32_reminst_boot_x64_zh-tw_e14dd29

Attempting to boot into Safe Mode by pressing F8 function key will not work to boot up the system into desktop too. When boot up to Safe Mode, the loading stops and halts while loading CRCDISK.SYS driver into memory.

Users who use Windows Vista installation CD to run repair process on the Windows Vista will not work either. Beside, Startup Repair may detect Boot Manager Corrupt problem and try to fix the corruption issue, but on next-reboot, the boot up process still fail with same error message.

To resolve the issue and recover the computer without reinstalling Windows Vista or reformat the computer, boot the PC with Windows Vista installation DVD in the optical drive and let the System Recovery Options run “Startup Repair”. During the “Startup Repair”, it should prompt user if want to recover to previously working properly restore point. Answer “Yes” to let Recovery Manager (Windows Vista Recovery Environment or Console) to automatically restore to earlier restore point. If “Startup Repair” doesn’t prompt to restore to previous restore points, manually start the “System Restore” in “System Recovery Options” to restore to the point that Windows Vista SP1 setup creates.

After restoring to restore point before started to install SP1, the computer should recover and able to boot up.

If you want to try to install the service pack again, firstly Windows Vista has to be repaired. To do so, put in Windows Vista installation DVD from within Windows Vista desktop, select “Install Now”, and then choose “Upgrade”. Perform this step to in-place upgrade Windows Vista to a clean state without messing up existing programs.

After ‘upgrading’, try to download and install Windows Vista SP1 via Windows Update, or download the Windows Vista SP1 standalone setup package to install. Windows Vista SP1 should install properly this time.

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