Apr 23, 2008
SY Tan

Subscribe and View Password Protected or Authenticated Feeds with FreeMyFeed

Users might have experienced this when they tried to access web-based feed reader or feed aggregator such as Google Reader, Bloglines, etc to view RSS feeds and Atom feeds: they were denied access. This is because the feed is protected by password and requires users’ authentication or valid SSL certificate. To do away with this frustrating authentication process or bypass the password-protected feeds, users can try a new web-service called FreeMyFeed.

FreeMyFeed is a free web service which can repackage authenticated feeds without the password requirement, effectively bypass the password protection. It basically acts as a proxy service. Users can go to the website, fill up the form by entering the feed URL, username and password, then click submit. The site will lead users to a new page with an alternate URL for their use. The site does not require users to include any username or password.

FreeMyFeed also ensures the privacy of users. All Usernames, passwords, feed URLs and feeds are never stored on the server. Usernames, passwords and feed URLs are only passed from the alternate URL to retrieve users’ RSS feed on the fly from the original source and then discarded.

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