Mar 14, 2009
EK Lam

Step on Watt Blocks and Save Your Money and Our World

For today’s convenience living, there are a lot of home-based electrical devices which are designed to be in standby mode when not in use. Look at your house TV or computer monitor. You will see a little red light blinking even though it’s off. All these energy vampires will suck your yearly home energy costs up to $100 and consume a huge amount of the world’s energy.

Watt Blocks is designed to kill these energy vampires and save our planet.

Watt Blocks is a winning green gadget that consists of several plug-in modules and one master step switch module with a long tail. Plug in the Watt Blocks in between the wall outlets and vampire devices, and the master step switch into an outlet near the entry door of your house. When you exit your house, step on the master switch. A signal will be sent through the cable telling all Watt Blocks to cut the energy on the devices plugged into them. It is a good idea to cut off the power on the devices not in use when you are not at home but keeping the power supply to your refrigerator.


A word of caution: the master switch for Watt Blocks could be easily reachable by kids and pets. To prevent accidental activation by them, maybe the master switch could be located at a higher level.

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