Mar 19, 2009
SY Tan

Step on Cadillac WiFi

autonetmobilecadillacThe wireless option is available almost everywhere in buildings but it has not yet been made commonly available in cars. Cadillac has recently announced the in-car wireless option for its CTS sport sedan. Known as Cadillac WiFi, this car by Autonet Mobile can be installed by dealers and will cost users $29 per month. The device can also be transferred to another vehicle.

Cadillac is targeting the Cadillac WiFi at families rather than professionals because it believes in this untapped market. The biggest competition Cadillac faces is not from another car maker but technology itself. Devices such as 3G Netbooks and iPhones are equipped with wireless connection. These small and portable devices can be used anywhere including inside the car. But the idea of rolling out an automobile with a wireless connection to control navigation, communication and entertainment could appeal to a whole new generation of users and take off in a big way.

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