Mar 27, 2008
SY Tan

Songbird 0.5 Final Version Released

Songbird has released its 0.5 final version and it is available for downloading. Songbird is an innovative free software media player as well as web browser developed by Pioneers of the Inevitable, a small and chirpy team of digital media innovators. There are couple of new features have been added into latest Songbird 0.5 final version and hundreds of bug have been fixed.

New features on Songbird 0.5:
• Come with new MTP add-on that introudces MTP devices.
• Extensible Library Views now enable developers to create add-ons that add additional library views in Songbird
• Improved shuffle algorithm
• Added Mac menu/key command support for:
o Hide Songbird (Command-H)
o Hide Others (Command-Option-H)
o Show All
o Preferences… (Command-,)
o Quit Songbird (Command-Q)
• Improved RSS playlists support/parsing
• Notification to let Linux users know they need to add the GStreamer plugin
• Added “Source” column to downloads playlist

Read the full release note from SongBird.

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