May 5, 2008
SY Tan

SIM Recovery Pro Recovers Deleted Text (SMS) Messages

Are you one of those who are very nimble with your fingers and can type short text messages quickly? Did your fingers fly but you realized in the next instant that you’ve accidentally pressed the delete rather than the send button? The SIM Recovery Pro is just what its name suggests – it is a device which helps you to retrieve wrongly deleted text messages. It gives you a second chance even if you make a mistake.

The gizmo can also recover history data and contact details removed from your address book. Besides, parents who want to monitor their children’s calls can use it to program the SIM card to only call specified numbers. On the other hand, it could be a perfect gift for someone who is not tech-savvy and needs a backup device for all their SIM data because they are old and forgetful – the aged father and mother themselves.

Summary of Features:
Easy to install and use – no technical skill required
Reads any SIM card in any country on any network
Retrieve all deleted data within minutes
Reads last dialled number
Shows all SIM card information
Read, restore and undelete SMS messages
Fixed dial number programming – programs the SIM to call selected numbers only
Read and restore phonebook
Edit phonebook entries
File backup – backup current list into a file
Open File – open a backup file
Print function

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