Mar 26, 2008
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Shareapic – Earn and Get Paid Money for Hosting and Sharing Uploaded Photos for Free

The free things or freebies are hard to come by nowadays after dotcom bubble busted, especially when users not only can use the service for free, and also receive payment or cold hard cash simply by using the service. Shareapic is a free online photo and image hosting and sharing service that allows users to upload their favorite to Shareapic servers. The best thing is, Shareapic not only is free, but also pays money for sharing the images.

Shareapic is a free image hosting service which also has an unique revenue sharing model that pays and compensates users for directing their friends, family members, buddies, website or blog visitors to see the Shareapic (SAP) hosted images or pictures. Users can also host a gallery which can be shown to visitors to earn money when visitors view their gallery. However, revenue will only be earned when a unique users on a daily basis triggers an image view, where he or she click on an unique image to open full view on Shareapic website.

Best of all, monetary reward is just part of the features of Shareapic, here’s some other outstanding features that make Shareapic stands out from the crowds such as Flickr.

  1. Upload unlimited pictures with no space restriction.
  2. No file size restrictions.
  3. Create unlimited galleries.
  4. Pay (up to) $0.22 per 1000 pic views, although most likely the payment amount will be much less than this ration.
  5. Can add Bidvertiser code to own image and gallery pages.
  6. Pay out within 7 days via PayPal when account balance is over $20.00.
  7. One click posting or embed to Myspace, Blogger, Xanga, Hi5, and more.

However, as in most advertising-supported business model, Shareapic pays more to traffic from North America and Western Europe, which generate higher advertising revenue. So any non-US and non-Europe traffic will get pro-rated earning for the determined CPM payout rate for image views. This is also one thing that differentiate Shareapic from other get paid programs, as the payout rate is not fixed. Shareapic will determine the distributed amount or percentage share to users based on amount of income Shareapic generates from advertising, after deducting expenses. avoiding possibility to pay more that it affords that can lead to short lifespan. However, that also mean that don’t expect to earn a windfall or get paid big amount of money.

Join Shareapic to get paid for sharing photos (referral link).

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