May 17, 2008
SY Tan

Schedule A Gathering Together Via Presdo

Sometimes life is too hectic and busy until we lose touch with our close friends, relatives, ex-colleagues, etc. We pack our daily life with meetings, appointments, etc until we just can’t schedule a little bit of time to catch up with people we care. To help busy people especially those who are staying in modern cities to get together and schedule a group event, the former co-founder of LinkedIn, Eric Ly, has developed Presdo, a useful site to allow users to have better coordination amongst their group members regarding event, time and scheduling.

Like what Eric Ly has described, Presdo is very simple. First you have to sign up with Presdo as a user. Once you have signed in, you will be greeted with a text field but nothing else.

Just type in simple language your upcoming event. For instance, if you type in “Lunch with Michael”, then your event will be recorded and shown in a page with pre-populated fields based on what you type in. The page will show you when the event is held, who you are meeting, and where the location is. You can also type in your messages to tell others what the lunch is about, e.g. celebration of your birthday, etc. You will be notified if you accidentally set the schedule more than once or your event crashes with other events.

Presdo is smart enough for if you key in more key words into the text field, it will automatically detect them. For instance, if you type in “Lunch with Michael at Starbucks, next Wednesday at 6pm”, then Presdo will understand and record your schedule as indicated. Users can check their upcoming event, save their event, cancel or edit their event, etc as they want. Presdo also allows users to send out the arranged events to other guests. In the above example, users can invite their friends to have lunch together with Michael. Users can instantly enter names and e-mail addresses for the recipients.

For easy reference, Presdo also attaches a Google map and allows users to specify the location of the event and show it to other recipients. It reduces the time to locate the place and avoid unnecessary problems such as going to the wrong restaurant, etc.

The emergence of Presdo is not just helping users to set or schedule their appointments. It has gone beyond an event planner’s function. It puts forward a platform where guests can communicate with the event organizer and discuss the changes if any. All parties in the event list will be notified or alerted if there are any changes, thus avoiding any miscommunication. By using Presdo, you won’t get any more excuse from your friends that they don’t know the changes or they don’t know where the restaurant is! It is even more useful if the gathering involves more people such as in a reunion, staff meeting or picket.

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