Jan 6, 2009
EK Lam

Save House Eenergy with the Clever Wattson Energy Monitor

Take a look at your house. You will find electrical gadgets at every corner of your house to make life more comfortable. But all these consume energy and you have to pay through your nose when you receive a huge electricity bill at the end of the month. Wattson energy monitor is a cool gadget that can monitor your house electricity usage at all times and help you figure out the ways to save electricity.


Wattson comes with a sensor clip and a transmitter. The sensor clip needs to be attached to one of the main cables leading to your fuse box and the other end of the sensor clip will be connected to the transmitter by a wire. The transmitter will then send out information about your electricity usage to Wattson. You can choose to show the data in watts or monetary rates on the LED digital display. The cool Wattson also features a color mode to indicate whether the electricity consumption is at an average, high or low level. The Wattson display unit is wireless and you can put it in any place of your house to monitor the electricity usage within 30m radius from the transmitter. By switching your electrical gadgets on or off, you will know the energy usage of the gadgets. This will help you to control and monitor your electricity use.


The Wattson Energy Monitor has a built-in 32Kb memory. It can store up to 28 days of electricity usage data. The data can be transferred to your computer via USB. With the software (Holmes), you can easily access the information daily, weekly and monthly. You can even publish and compare the data online with other Wattson users, as well as share tips on how to save energy.

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