Mar 2, 2014
TnT Editor

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One Comparison Review

As Mobile World Congress 2014 blazes on in Barcelona, the smartphone world has been largely defined by the struggle between Samsung and HTC. On one hand, there’s the runaway success of 2013’s Galaxy S4 coupled with the rise of the Android 4.4 platform; on the other, in HTC and its HTC One was one of the finest Android handsets of 2013. The two firms and their product offerings are as closely matched as ever. Now that Samsung has unveiled its latest flagship handset – the Galaxy S5 – the battle for 2014 looks like it has kicked off in earnest, and the two bitter rivals are each looking to establish themselves as the industry’s top dog.

The Galaxy S5 comes with notable features than its predecessor – the Galaxy S4. It is packed with a fingerprint sensor, increased screen size, a waterproof encasing, and upgraded camera components. While, HTC raised the bar with the One, adding in new hardware, cutting edge design and a complete rethink of its custom Android skin, Sense.

See for yourself in the spec showdown below:

The Galaxy S5 features heart-rate monitor, fingerprint scanner for unlocking the device and verifying online purchases, and first in the line to be equipped with Wi-Fi MIMO support. And the HTC One, while offering additional features in the form of a super battery-saving mode, HTC Sense 5 leaner and simpler than Samsung’s TouchWiz. Moreover, the S5 also equipped with an SD card slot and a more robust battery than the HTC One.

Samsung Galaxy S5 with upgraded hardware and bundled features has been confirmed by AT&T and Sprint. It will be available on the Sprint network in April 2014.

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