Apr 6, 2008
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Saga Online Strategy Game Sign Up Link for Free 10 Booster Packs

Saga is a free online epic fantasy massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game (MMORTS or RTS) that has no subscription fees, but is supported by selling booster packs or expansion packs of random troops and spells, which are traded and customized to create the strategic army of choice for each player.

Saga video game features massive armies, multiplayer questing, guild wars, espionage, and an auction house for trading troops and spells, and players can collect troops, build armies, conquer new lands and build up kingdoms, complete with resource collection, city building and peasant management.

It’s not necessary for players to pay or buy anything or subscription to play the free Saga. However, when you can get 10 booster packs, which normally sold for cost of $29.95 for free, why not? The free 10 booster packs promotion is offered to Giveawayofthepack.com visitors, and will last only 2 days till April 6, 2008.

To get the free 10 free bonus booster packs product, visit Saga GAOTD page at http://www.playsaga.com/intro_gaotd/, and then click on the Create Your Free SAGA Account to access the sign up page. After registered, the free Redeemable Booster Packs
10 Packs will appear in your account. Click on Redeem button will allow player to select the cards.

Free 10 Saga Booster Packs

Free accounts will have all game options available with the exception of trading and hardcore PvP battles (you can still PvP in scrimmage mode, a battle type that does not permanently damage your city). To unlock the full feature version, $19.95 is required for once, but you can always choose to stay in free version, with some features locked. If you intend to play Saga, remember to register quick, as offer expires after April 6, 2008.

On June 8th 2008, Saga is also giving away free full version registered account with no limitation and restriction.

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