Aug 5, 2009

Reduce Eyestrain and Fatigue with Philips Lightframe LCD Monitor

Most of us who work in offices always spend long hours sitting in front of the computer looking into the LCD monitor, inducing extreme eyestrain and fatigue, not to mention backache too. Therefore, engineers at Philips had come up with and innovative LCD that purportedly can helps reduce eye fatigue and soothes straining eyeballs with the new Philips Lightframe.

Philips lightframe LCD

Liteframe works by stimulating our human eyes with the introduction of a calm blue lighting surrounding the monitor frame, and thus improving user’s concentration and reducing eyestrain. Lightframe also boasts of its SmartImage technology which enable dynamic enhancement of the contrast, color saturation and sharpness of images and videos – at a press of a single button. Well, nothing to shout about here, as most colour LCD nowadays also comes with an Auto button e.g. Samsung SyncMaster series monitor.

Philips Lightframe 220X1SW

The Philips Lightframe comes in an elegant glossy piano-white finish (somewhat mimicking the Apple iMac) and has its control buttons conveniently located to the right of the monitor. Overall, Philips Lightframe is certainly a pleasant monitor to use.

Philips lightframe LCD backview

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