Apr 24, 2008
SY Tan

Protect and Encrypt Confidential Business Data with ArchiCrypt

Most enterprises, organizations or even businessmen nowadays take extreme measures to secure private or business data in their production environment in order to achieve efficiency and competitive advantage. However they tend to overlook data protection amongst their staff’s individual computers or laptops. In many occasions, important business data or sensitive information is hacked and stolen from staff’s computer especially from key personnels’ PCs. To reduce the risk of data theft occurring in your organization, the important files or business data in computers and laptops should be well protected and encrypted. By doing so, it ensures that only the relevant people can access confidential data and unauthorized users will be denied access. If you opt for a solution on a real-time encryption and business data protection application, perhaps you could try ArchiCrypt Live.

As the last line of defense to safeguard your confidential data and privacy, ArchiCrypt Live is a powerful software to be used to encrypt all file types on your computers, laptops or any data carriers. It can hold all kinds of data, images, MP3, office documents, etc. Users also can install applications in an ArchiCrypt Volume and run it from there. ArchiCrypt Live is easy to use. The files encrypted by ArchiCrypt Live either use Blowfish or the AES 256 bit algorithm. This encryption technology is a very efficient protection method. ArchiCrypt also integrates public key infrastructure (PKI) procedures for secure exchange of data, advanced features like encrypting entire partitions, Mobile Data Safes, Camouflage-Files, Secret-containers for absolute protection, and many more.

The popular German encryption software, ArchiCrypt Live, has been used in many organizations and government agencies. It supports Windows OS inclusive of Vista. The latest version ArchiCrypt Live 5.10 has just been released recently and it has a 10-day trial period for users.

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