Sep 25, 2010
SY Tan

Photo Album Story Teller

Imagine flipping through your family photo album and listening to your grandfather telling the story about the picture. In the oral tradition, stories were passed from one generation to another by mouth. In this digital age, we not only can keep digital visual images but also voice files that tell the stories behind them. The Photo Album StoryTeller is a portable and user-friendly voice-recorder that brings photo tagging and recording to another level.

A coded sticker is attached near the photo for scanning with the Story Teller. Personalized messages can then be recorded about the picture which can be replayed by placing the Story Teller back over the sticker. There are 500 specially coded stickers to record audio files for the same number of pictures. While a picture can tell a thousand words, the audio files can be just as precious as the pictures especially if the voice behind the recording is no longer around. The device allows users to back up the recordings to a computer via USB. Taking a stroll along memory lane can be enhanced by the Photo Album Story Teller.

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