Apr 20, 2008
Tip and Trick Editorial

Order Hero Hack Pack with Free Open Source Tools

The words that least expected to be associated with Microsoft are probably free, giveaway, and open source. Determined to shake off the image, and get a share of pie in the open source market, Microsoft is now courting ‘hero‘, a term it used to describe people who does thing they love, and does it well. To achieve this aim, Microsoft is giving away Hero Hack Pack for free.

Hero Hack Pack contains a broad range of choices and resources for developing and deploying open source software. For example, IronRuby, IronPython, PHP, VS Core, IIS Retooled (PHP Optimized), Reference Source, Codeplex (Microsoft’s open source project hosting web site), Visual Studio Express, Shared Source Initiative for source code sharing, SQL Server Express, OSI-Approved Licenses, Powershell, Active Directory & Federation, XML-Based Event/System Management, Virtualization, Port 25 community, and open source tech tips.

Each Hack Pack contains a trial copy or evaluation edition of Windows Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008, plus a chance to win a free pass to OSCON 2008 to be held in Portland, Oregon this summer. OSCON (Open Source Convention) is the world largest gatherings of the open source community.

Order Hero Hack Pack.

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