Mar 29, 2008
SY Tan 2.4 Released for Download

The latest version of free office application suite, 2.4, is officially released. This latest office program which is free under the GNU Lesser General Public License shows some new features, enhancements and bug fixes. It is available for downloading and supports numerous operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linus.

Sponsored and supported by Sun Microsystems,, is aimed to reduce market share or market domination by Microsoft Office by providing a free and high-quality alternative solution to users. In this latest release, 2.4 basically focuses on bug fixing on each of the application in this suite, including Writer, Calc, the Base personal database, and the Impress presentation software. There are also some minor new features added. V2.4 generally is an update of its predecessor versions. More excitements will only be seen in Version 3.0 which is targeted to be unveiled in September. This version will technically support Microsoft Office 2007 format and it is easier for Microsoft Office’s users who intend to go for a program swing.

This is a summary of the enhancements found in 2.4:
• Connect to WebDAV servers via HTTPS
• Custom icons for toolbars are imported
• Control password-storing with a master password
• Warning if document is from a newer ODF
• PDF documents: relative links, document references, PDF/A-1 (ISO 19005-1) supported, and cross-document link behavior options
• Mac OS X: Quicktime support for movies and sound / use the built in spell checker
• Print dialog improvements in usability
• Edit boxes: warning at limit of characters
• DejaVu font is now default instead of BitStream Vera

• Entries for 10 languages added

Base / DBA
• Improved rendering of numeric(n) data from JDBC and Oracle
• Easier choice of table name in “Copy table”
• Editing of views in HSQLDB
• Query designer for all properties which allow SQL command
• Query designer in SQL view
• Relation design accessible for MySQL databases
• Setting to check for required fields on forms
• Support for Access 2007 (.accdb files)

• Convert text to columns: with this feature CSV data inside cells can be transformed into columns directly
• Columns and rows in spreadsheet can be moved with drag and drop
• Enter key returns to the column where the input started, one row below
• Formula input: “+” and “-” can also be used to start
• Individual zoom level per sheet
• AutoFilter: choices clearer grouped and based on result of filtering in other columns
• DataPilot: Manual Sorting / Double-click in DataPilot cell provides calculation data of that cell
• Performance improvement with functions VLOOKUP and MATCH
• Print dialog for Calc easier to use
• PageUp and PageDown keys work in print preview
• Sheet names in cell-hyperlinks: renamed properly

• Regression curves: show equations and R² value
• Reverse axes possible
• Bars on different axes displayed next to each other
• Data labels: Number format
• Data point label: display both value and percentage
• Data label: display each part in a separate line
• Data labels: more flexible placement of labels
• Labels on pie segments: avoiding overlapping
• Data point label: can be removed with delete key

• Navigation (tab) order of page objects
• PDF export: page names as bookmark
• Reduce complexity: no longer necessary display options removed

• Navigation (tab) order of page objects
• Thrilling 3D effects in slide transitions
• Export slide names as PDF bookmarks
• Easier to insert background picture

• Selecting rectangular region of text
• Find and Replace: backward references in regular expressions
• Spell checking: easier selecting of the language
• Insert&Insert Object toolbar redesign – Writer
• Printing of hidden text can be turned on
• Printing text place holders can be turned off
• Shortcuts added for paragraph style Heading 4, Heading 5 and Textbody
• Ctrl-click behaviour for hyperlinks can be changed
• Custom document properties: Text fields and UI support

Extensions/ programmability / API
• Extensible Help System for extensions
• Extensions can have a separate display name
• Extensions: support of web based update
• Extensions: additional information about the publisher and release notes
• Extensions: check for updates
• Dialogs can have a wallpaper set
• Transparent background for controls
• Remote control presentations via API
• API: get selected table(s) or query(s) in the main Base window

Update: 3.0

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