May 3, 2008
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O&O SafeErase V1.0 Free Registration License Number and Download

O&O SafeErase 1 is a data security software program that performs secure deletion of sensitive data from hard disk in order to ensure complete removal and destruction of the deleted files. Normally, when files are deleted and erased from Windows operating system, actually only the identifier or reference descriptor to the files are removed, while the data of the files still exist physically on the hard disk, which can still be accessed with files recovery tool software.

Note: If you’re looking for tool to recovery deleted files, look at O&O UnErase with free license.

O&O SafeErase will permanently erase such ‘leftover’ bits of deleted files by annihilating them with the help of recognized and recommended methods, preventing unauthorized access to the supposedly deleted files. With SafeErase, user privacy will be protected at ultimate level, and with just one click of the mouse, users can securely and permanently delete files, folders and partitions.

The latest version of O&O SafeErase is 3.0, so O&O SafeErase 1.0 is the predecessor and an older version. However, the previous version contains all useful and important features and functions to perform the safe, secure, permanent and unrecoverable deletion properly. After installed, SafeErase can be found on the right click contextual menu in addition to the usual Delete option.

As part of promotion, users can register and get free license for O&O SafeErase 1.0, which entitle the license key owner to purcahse upgrade to O&O SafeErase 2.0, and/or O&O ToolBox Professional at discounted price. O&O ToolBox Professional includes full version license of O&O CleverCache 6 Professional, O&O Defrag 8 Professional Edition, O&O SafeErase 2, and O&O DriveLED 2. To get the free license, in the form of license registration code used to unlock the program, go to the following URL, and fill up the form and then submit the application.

After submitting, the registration code or license number will be sent via email to your mailbox. Simply copy and paste the registration license code to the application during installation or enter from menu to activate and unlock the O&O SafeErase V1.0 to full version program.

The setup installer of O&O SafeErase 1.0 version 1.0.82 (direct download link of can be found at O&O Archive Software page. O&O SafeErase supports Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, and unofficially Windows Vista.

Update: Free O&O SafeErase 4

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