May 21, 2008
SY Wong

Online Live Presentation Sharing Remotely using Zoho Show 2.0

Occasionally, you may need to share presentation material with your clients or counterpart besides walking them through voice conversation. There are few tools such as Windows Netmeeting or Google Presentation that you can explore to ease the working life especially for those that are situated in different geography areas. If you are fed up with any of them and would like to try out new tool, you may need this. Named as Zoho Show 2.0, it enables users to deliver live presentation from a remote site without personally attend to their clients. Besides, user can edit or upload the foils anywhere as long as there is broadband access.

The service is quite user friendly with simple GUI (Graphic User Interface) in place. While logging into the website, users can edit and share the presentation foils to those intended audiences. One of the major advantages is it will ensure all attendees are at the same pace with better synchronization and will eventually bring more benefits and efficiency to the team. Besides, the attendees will have chance to chat with presenter using a dedicated chat window that tags along with the service. The service is totally free for personal use. No harm to get a quick try at Zoho Show 2.0 now to speed up your foils sharing.

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