Apr 5, 2008
Tip and Trick Editorial

One Million Ads-Printed Free T-Shirts Giveaway

Would you wear a free t-shirt with advertisements printed on it? Or if you’re an advertiser, would you advertise on a t-shirt, together with 499 other ads (unless you buyout the whole ad spaces on the t-shirt)? That’s what onemillionfreetshirts.com trying to achieve, by asking people to get a full-of-ads, and potentially ugly t-shirt free of charge, paid by advertisers, and wear it on his or her sexy body.

Interested takers of one of the one million t-shirts that are being given away for free can register their name and address with onemillionfreetshirts.com, and a free t-shirt will be mailed to them once ALL 15 millions USD worth of advertising space is sold, considering each t-shirt has 500 ad space, and each ad space costs 3 cents, making ads revenue per t-shirt is USD $15.00.

Hoping to re-generate the buzz and success of milliondollarhomepage.com, which now is considered dying down, there is also promotion for users who register for free t-shirt, where he or she will be entered into a sweeptake for a chance to win $100,000 USD, and vote for a popular American charity to receive a $1 million donation from onemillionfreetshirt.com. Again, for these wonderful acts to happen, 15 millions worth of ads must be sold completely.

The main problem with onemillionfreetshirts.com is how fast and how soon, or whether it can successfully sell all 500 millions advertising spaces on the t-shirts, each of the size of roughly 5cm x 3cm and cost 3 cents each. There is no dateline for the project to complete and advertising sales to stop, so the freebie takers may have to wait a few years, or never, to receive the ‘spam with ads’ t-shirt.

However, if the all ad spaces managed to be sold completely, the project owners from England will pocket the 15 millions US dollars, 15 times more than what the pioneer Million Dollar Homepage made. Even after taking into account costs of printing the t-shirts, $1 million donation, $100,000 prize money and hosting cost, there probably still a few millions left in the bank account.

Register for your free t-shirt.

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