Dec 14, 2013
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OnAir Player For Android Stream Music On The Go

OnAir Player For AndroidBefore the iPod era, listening to music was a luxury hobby for all music fans. They need to pay much to collect the CD or cassettes in order to play their favorites song. Despite of this, music is still unable to play on the go and follow our step to everywhere until the portable devices rise up to our life. This Apple’s idea was brighten up our life with music in a powerful way. Today, the intelligent of technology allowed us to store a lot of songs and carry them around for listening on the go instead, it also let us remote streaming access to all the music files on your PC, Mac tablet and phone.

OnAir Player For Android Stream Music On The Go

OnAir Player is a music player that gives you access to all the music files on your devices. It supports a variety number of platforms like Android, PC, Mac, Linux, Amazon Kindle Fire, Google TV and OUYA. You just simply installed on devices you own and put them all in the same collection with connected to the Internet; you’ll be able to access and listen to your entire music library using any one of your devices.  For instance, if you want to stream between Windows and Android, simply download and install the apps on each platform.

Upon starting for first time, you will be taken to login screen. You can log in using your Facebook or Google accounts, or by alternatively create a new OnAir Player account. After registered, you will go to the main music view of the app.

For the PC or desktop version, this space would be empty and you may need to locate music on the device you’re using. On mobile or tablet, it will automatically store music in the default “Music” folder.

To do this, click the Locate music link then navigate to the folder your music is stored in. To add music, click Setting then Add Music to add any files you wish to. You can select multiple folders you want and program will automatically scan them and showing up in a few seconds. You may start the OnAir Player on any device by log in to your account. All music stored should be appear in OnAir Player library and be accessible on your other devices shortly after logging in.

On the PC variant, you will find a blue button on bottom right corner which click on its will pop up a menu to select which devices the music will be streamed to. You can control the volume for each device on this tab. This option also allows using in Android device to control your desktop music player.

OnAir Player definitely a useful music player that brings something new and convenience for users by allowing us to access the music files on the go from any devices.

OnAir Player for Android:

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