Jan 7, 2018
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Ocster Backup Pro [Ashampoo Backup 10] Free Download With Genuine License Key Code

Ocster Backup Pro – an advanced backup software that features automatically backup all important data in real time, fast, and accurate. The latest version of Ocster Backup Pro comes with backup speed 600% faster.

Ocster Backup Pro able to performs online backup, local backup, outlook backup, network backup, and automatic pausing backup. Automatic pausing backup features automatically pause the backup process when user need additional power to PC. Here the full features of Ocster Backup Pro.

Features of Ocster Backup Pro:

  • Ability to create fully automatic backup of your data.
  • Simple to use.
  • Excellent backup speed.
  • Includes a selection of backup formats – One to One File Copy (Simple and quick mirroring of various files to any other media).
  • Backup your Bookmarks in Internet Explorer.
  • Backup your settings, add-ons and bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox.
  • Backup your emails, settings, calendar and add-ons in Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Backup your Windows contacts into Windows Contacts folder.
  • Extended filtering capabilities offer more choice.
  • Versioning – Allows easy access to various old versions of important files.
  • Outlook/Thunderbird Support – Helps you backup calendars and emails of Microsoft Outlook/Thunderbird with a click of a button.
  • Backup Reports – It generates detailed reports each time it updates a backup. You may configure the report contents.
  • Compression – It wisely compresses the backups so as to save disk space. You can choose between the various compression types such as fast, moderate and slow. All the types offer excellent compression.
  • Stop & Resume – It allows you to stop and resume the backup process as and when required, for e.g. when you need to shutdown the PC.
  • Email Backup Reports – It is capable of sending the backup reports automatically to your email address so that you remain up-to-date on backup status even if you are out for a business trip.
  • Network support – You can also backup the files/ folders present on your network drives. If you wish you can save the backup on the network drives itself.
  • Encryption – It has ability to encrypt and protect all backups with a secured password. You may configure the encryption algorithm if you wish.
  • Scheduled Backups – You may either take the backups manually or schedule them to start at a preferred time.
  • Automatic Pausing – It takes backups from the background and has ability to automatically pause it in order to prevent it from slowing down the execution of other applications. It monitors different system characteristics including I/O usage, CPU usage, full screen applications and many more
  • Storage Types – You may easily store backups on USB sticks, external hard disks, network drives or Ocster Secure Storage.
  • Offers Ocster Secure Storage support
  • Stores backups in specialized data centers.
  • Safer storage option as compared to USB sticks or hard disks.
  • Offers protection to backups against water damage, fire, lightning, hurricanes, theft etc.
  • Keeps multiple backup copies at different locations.
  • Transmits data to data centers using a secured internet channel.
  • Charges a small fee for subscription.
  • Open File Support – You may also backup the file/folders that are open or the ones that you are presently using.
  • Incremental backup – Once the initial back up is taken, it only save the changes that occur in the previously stored state which helps in saving disk space.
  • Symbolic Link and Hard Link support – It allows you to backup symbolic links and hard links which can be correctly restored.
  • Compression Algorithms – It supports compression types such as LZMA Quick, ZLib, LZMA Best and LZMA Normal.
  • Special Files – It has ability to backup sparse, encrypted and compressed files.
  • Encryption Algorithms – It encrypts the backup using algorithms such as AES 128 Bit, AES 256 Bit, Cast-128 and BlowFish.
  • Small File Optimization – It has ability of achieving high compression even in case of small files by using its compression feature smartly.

To promote the latest version of Ocster Backup Pro, the company – Ocster is giving away free copy of Ocster Backup Pro 6 to everyone. Interested users to intend to try, can grab by following steps:

  1. Go to promo page for Ocster Backup Pro HERE.
  2. Fill in the necessary information such as name, email address to register the account.
  3. Then click “Get Ocster Backup Pro 6 Unlock Code” button.
  4. Once register, an email will received containing with download link and instruction.
  5. Follow the email instruction to receive the license code.
    NOTE: User can convert Ocster licenses to Ashampoo Backup 10 license for FREE

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