Mar 22, 2009
SY Tan

Nintendo is Back Big Time with Wii

nintendo-wii-consoleThere is nothing better than having a hardware that is perpetually in short supply and cannot last more than two seconds on the shelves of games stores before it is grabbed up by some eager hands. Nintendo has come up with a golden goose to catapult it to the top of the video game market after a bad run behind its competitors. Popularly expected to be named Revolution’, Nintendo nevertheless called its new console Wii, inviting mockery and jokes from others. Many used the name as the butt of jokes for Nintendo’s much-awaited comeback. However it has since proved its worth in gold by chalking up the greatest sales of all time where supply can never meet demand. This proves that one should never judge a game by its name.

Stores like Wal-Mart, GameStop and Target have had to inform customers that they do not have stock of Wii and cannot accept bookings as the demand is so huge that the console has to be sold on a first-come first served basis. Through 2007, Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime told reporters that Nintendo was producing 1.8 million consoles each month and it still couldn’t keep up with demand.

In two years’ time, the odd-sounding game has sold 48 million units and soundly beaten its closest competitor, the Xbox 360. The return of Nintendo has proved its critics wrong and given the company a new lease of life.

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