Apr 25, 2008
SY Wong

Nexcom MTC2100 Powerful Tablet PC based on Intel Atom Processor

Previously we talked about Sharp Willcom UMPC, now the Taiwan-based PC manufacturer, Nexcom has also prototyped the first industrial standard tablet PC based on Intel Atom processor. Codenamed as MTC2100, it will be positioned to target at various market segments with three different models at slightly specification variation. Anyway, all of them shared the same advantages – fanless design, small form factor powered with an energy efficient processor.

Some of the features include dual video independent display out through LVDS and SDVO. Those outputs can be processed by chipset and displayed independently on 8.4-inch touch screen panel that built along with the kit. Internally, it is powered by Intel x86 based Atom processor (previously known as Silverthorne) that can cater for those power hungry applications running in Vista OS. Besides, it features an internal SiRF III GPS (Global Positioning System) that offers users with navigation capability. To make it a complete mobility Internet solution, it is further equipped with built in Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n module with optional 3.5G HSDPA or WiMAX module for seamless connectivity. Not to be forgotten, the kit also consists of 1.3M camera, bar code scanner and fingerprint recognition.

No doubt, it is a perfect gadget integrated with all great features ideal for business or even personal use. However, I am more curious about its cost and selling price but no estimated selling price has been disclosed yet. Depending on the actual market demand and requirements, Nexcom may strip off some of the feature sets to be able to bring down the total BOM (Bill of Material) cost that may put it in direct competition with Low cost Laptop such as Asus Eee. The commercial ready product is expected to be launched by third quarter of this year.

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