Apr 15, 2008
Nic Cho

New Viatek Ionic Bulb Aiming For Air Freshening

Searching an innovative and energy-saving fluorescent light bulb for your home? The global company that develops, manufactures and distributes innovative products, Viatek has launched a new energy-saving compact flourescent light bulb (CFL) – Viatek Ionic 15 Watt Ionic Bulb Air Freshening. As its name implied, this Air Freshening CFL light bulb can help to keep air fresh thanks to the ionizer inside the bulb.

Features Of Viatek Ionic 15 Watt Ionic Bulb (Air Freshening):

  • Ionic Bulb Ionizer creates cleaner, fresher air
  • Cleans a 100 square foot area
  • Lasts 10 times longer than the average bulb/ 7 years
  • 10,000 Life Hours per bulb
  • Light Output: 900 lumens on 60 Watt bulb
  • 60 Watt Lamp = Energy Used 15 Watts

The new Viatek Ionic 15 Watt Ionic Bulb Air Freshening CFL Light Bulb is now available for about $15.

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