Apr 20, 2008
SY Tan

New Search Engine with Visual Pattern Recognition Technology

In the stiff competition and deadly battle for popularity amongst Google, Yahoo, Baidu, etc, a new search engine is set to tip the scale against these rivals. Developed by Evolution Robotics in Japan, this new search engine uses Visual Pattern Recognition (ViPR) technology to do the contents searching. ViPR technology is a new technology which enables electronic devices to decode complex visual images to enable users to launch their search.

In the latest released YouTube Video by Evolution Robotics, a demonstration of how this ViPR application works on the Apple iPhone is shown. In the demo video, users can see the potential of ViPR technology which allows users to take a photo of a CD or book cover with Apple iPhone’s photo application and the photo will thence be sent to the ViPR server for pattern recognition. After conducting the pattern recognition, the ViPR server will email back users the information about the particular product in the photo. The man in the video took a photo of the Finding Nemo DVD cover and received responses on a description, Youtube link, and iTunes Music store link.

Evolution Robotics revealed that they plan to release this technology and use it in Apple iPhone as one of iPhone’s attractive applications in June.

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