May 4, 2008
Tip and Trick Editorial

MyBloop Free Unlimited File Storage Space with No Limit on Bandwidth and Files Count

If 50 GB free storage space by ADrive is not enough for you, and you dare to try and believe that other online free storage and backup space service that offers bigger, as good as unlimited free space with no expiry date that will get the files uploaded removed or deleted, can last longer than ADrive, MyBloop is another good bet (and probably best bet if it lasts).

MyBloop is a service that provides hosting and storage space for users’ files for free. The best feature is that MyBloop has no limits on storage space, bandwidth or the number of files user can store, which means effectively, each registered user will get unlimited storage space, good to upload almost everything from your hard drives to MyBloop for backup and file sharing. However, there is a maximum file size limit of 1GB per file.

User of MyBloop service can upload files using web-based MyBloop Flash uploader or BloopLoader, a application that allows you to upload files to MyBloop directly from your desktop with drag and drop support with Windows-like user interface.

All uploaded files won’t be deleted forever (or until the service busts or terminates), and MyBloop uses advertisers’ money to maintain its free service. MyBloop supports hotlinking of images, but does not allow uploaded music to be downloaded. Users can only stream, or listen, to music on MyBloop, or embed the music on their blogs and websites. However, beware that the files you uploaded immediately been published and shared with the world unless you mark it as private.

Register and start uploading files for backup at MyBloop.

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