Feb 10, 2009
SY Tan

Mini Me-bot to Satisfy Your Childhood Whims

Who needs a miniature clone of themselves to play with? If you are narcissistic, eccentric or lonely, the Mini Me-bot is probably the ideal gadget for you.

Produced by Little Island, a Japanese manufacturer, the Mini Me-bot will replicate you in looks except that it will measure about 70 cm in height and has an AC adapter and LAN wires sticking out from its back. The robot-dolls are hand-made and come with a 80 GB hard drive.


Not only does your Mini Me-bot look like you, it will also sound like you with a synthesized version of your voice. You can use the Mini Me-bot to read RSS feeds and make VoIP calls. You can also control the doll from a distance to have a conversation with someone it sees as the doll has a voice-recognition feature. The Mini Me-bot can even run Windows XP but without the screen or keyboard.

If an avatar is not good enough and you need an electronic replica of yourself running around, the Mini Me-bot is for you. Beats the Barbie doll or Cabbage Patch Kid.

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