Apr 10, 2008
SY Wong

Microsoft SMSOfficer – New SMS Service in Outlook 2007 for Fast SMS Sending

SMS text messaging becomes another trend of communication tool replacing voice calls in mobile world. Regardless of where you are, as long as there is cellular network coverage, the user will be able to send and receive message at very affordable cost. However, there is always a concern – the typing is not as fast and convenience as compared to computer keyboard due to small form factor or soft keyboard. Hopefully, with this tool in place, it will able to change the way on how user sends SMS in the future. Named as Microsoft SMSOfficer, it is compatible to be used with Microsoft Outlook 2007 that enables user to send SMS from PC screen to any mobile phones in the world more effectively.

It is fast and easy to enable the feature, user just needs to register his mobile number at SMSOffice. Once registered, a SMS verification code will be sent to the registered mobile number and user just needs to follow simple steps to complete the sign up process. Subsequently, just click on a configuration link and it will set the entire configuration and you are ready to go.

Since it leverages on the internet connectivity to send SMS through SMSOffice server, this service is suitable to most of the network service providers in the world. Good thing is, there is no registration fee or any charge to use this service. Furthermore, 10 SMS credits will be given free of charge during the SMSOfficer registration. As long as there is a further need, credit purchase can be done using Paypal service online. Let’s get a sign up at SMSOfficer today and try out if it fits your need.

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